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(All sell to support women an d girl education in Sudan through :

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 We sell traditional Sudanese perfumes, henna, clothes, spices, herbs and other Arabic products.  
 We accept payment by Pay pal and Visa or other credit cards and money orders.

The prices are marked next to each product; add shipping and handling costs ~ the amount depends on the weight of each product.Contact us if you have any concerns, or if you need wholesale prices on any products; we are happy to provide as much support as required.Email

Note:  Due to High Shipping Rates, we do not markup the cost of shipping and handling. Usually, products ship in 7 to 14business days.

                       Call or text us: 1 (778 ) 788  5735  for shipping information.

نحن نقوم ببيع المنتجات التراثيه التقليدية للجالية السودانية والعربية بالاضافة للروئح العربية  

والازياء للمراة والرجل

متخصصون في بيــع الـــروائح الســودانية التقـــليدية :الخــمرة بانــواعها والبخــور الســـوداني

 بكــل الانواع

شـــاف والصـــندل ومخصـــوص بـــت مكـــلـــي والجـــوالي والعدلـــي واللـــبان الضـــكـــر كـــذلك الــدلكـــه بانواعها والكـــريمات الاخري ككــريم الدخــان وخـــمرة الزيت والكــركار وشــمع العسل والكريمات الحديثه كالــديانا وروزوالســلفانا واللـــوكسيد وتوب جيل

بلاضافة لبعـــض الاعــشاب العـــطرية الســـودانــية والبهـــارات الســـودانـــية وهي كلاتي
الكركدي –الحرجل- القرض- المحريب –القرنجان –الجنزبيل-الكمــون الاســـود - الجردقه  وزيتـــه 
بالاضــافة للــويكـــه والشــطـــه الســـودانية
كل المبيوعات لاجل دعم منظمة بت مكلي لدعم وتنمية المراة السودانية    


$ 35 USD

Introduced in 1920, Bint El Sudan became an amazing hit with its fame spreading East across Africa and West across the Arab Middle-East. In keeping with the prohibition enforced by some Muslims, Bint El Sudan was manufactured without alcohol. It's heavy aroma never found favour in Europe; but in the warmer climates, where stronger fragrances were favored, Bint El Sudan became a runaway best-seller.  The original one ...Price is $35 incloud shipping and handelling

Bit Elsudan non oill

$ 35.00 USD

A Non-Original Sudanese Manufacturer

35 ml. size

Price includes shipping & Handling

Note:  no markup on S&H

Product ships in 7 to 12 business days

** In the Vancouver Area, delivery is free for purchases over $30.00


100% Natural Henna حنـــة ســـودانيــه طبــيعــيه

$ 10.00 USD

الحــــــــــــنة السودانية منتج التاج والدامر
Natural Henna 100 ml packages ~ $8

Shipping and Handling is $8 for a total $15.00

We also sell in wholesale lots ~ call or email for pricing


Natural Henna

$ 10 USD

Sudnaese Toab التوب السوداني

$ 150.00 CAD

 Sudanese Toabs (Sari)

قريبا تشكيلات متعددة من التياب السودانية

  • التوب السويسري   
  • توب توتل محسن 2*2
  • توتل مطرز
  • الحرير الطبيعي                  
  •  الفوط الكسلاوية                        
  •  هزاز انجليزي 

Prices from $120.00 to $300.00

In Vancouver from($120-220)


Majamaoh مجــــموع

$ 20 USD

For Dry and Flaking Skin on the Feet
** It moisturizes all parts of the skin

** It combats hair falling out and dandruff

** It is good for a newborn baby's skin

** It is good for the skin of the elderly

** It is good for dry noses.

** It is a mosquito repellent.

Crown Brand Majamu and Amp Brand Majamu

Taj Mahal Brand Majamu have the same formula and quality.

Our top quality Majamu received excellent acceptance in Sudan and abroad.   It is a typical indigenous African Cosmetic.
                      20 ml  $20.00
                      50 ml  $55
                   227 ml $120.00

Prices include shipping and handling



$ 25.00 USD

We have diffrent Bakhour Shaf and Sandal wood our price start from $20.00 for 30ml

Plus shipping and Haddling

this price incloud shipping and handelling


Revedor رفدور

$ 75.00 USD

Revedor Franch perfume 


Very importance in Sudanse Khomra

incloud shipping and Haddling



$ 55.00 USD

لدينا 4 انواع من الخمرة       
المحلب والضفرة والمسك والمشكلة           
سعر البيع حسب كمية الوزن نحن نزن بالمل            والاسعار الاتي

15 ml ~ $20.00 + S&H

  1. 25 ml ~ $25.00 + S&H
  2. 50 ml ~ $50.00 + S&H
  3. 100 ml ~ $120.00 + S&H

Depending on how many milli-litres you buy, the price varies from $20.00 to $120.00

 There are four types:

Dofra / Mahjlab / Misik / Mixed

Red is Sandal

Brown is Dofra

Yellow is Misk and Makhalot Bitmakaly

Call for more infromation or queries ~ or email us!

The upper price is including Shipping & Handling (S&H)

Product shipping in 7-14business days


Soir De Paris

$ 65.00 USD

عطــــــرسواردي باريس
Suardi Parise
one of the main perfumes in Sudanes  Khomrah

Include  shipping and Haddling


Misso Sanal Oi lصندلية ميسو

$ 150 USD

  Depend on how many ml

  1. 100ml $140
  2. 250ml $300

Sandal oil دهــن الصـندل منتج التاج للتجميل

$ 120 USD

Sandal oil   دهــن الصـندل منتج التاج للتجميل

  1. 12ML$20
  2. 25ml $35
  3. 100 gram $110


$ 60.00 USD

Grmisis and gartige staff



Karkad iالكركدي

$ 15.50 USD

Start from 8.5 for 100grams

We sale karakadi tea i box $10 incloud shipping

locally $6.50


Diffrent Arabic perfume

$ 65.50 USD

Rshigah/ Shaikha/Nura/ Alrahb products
As  well other  diffrents Arabic home and body sences


Sandal wood & othervkhomrah perfumes

$ 150 USD

 Sandal wood

2 bound $150


Soon Some Sudanese women men Dress

$ 25.00 USD

Welcome EID sell strart end of AUG2015

women home dress

women shairt long leaves

nigh dress for women

and so many new staff....



Fleurs Demour فلير دمور

$ 65.00 USD

      فلــــير دمـــــــــــــــور 
The main perfume in Sudanese traditional perfume(Khomra)

Flers de mour is unique nice Franch perfume

  Includ shipping and hadlling


Sortia 20Ml(Henna Oil)

$ 12.50 USD

ســــــرتيـــة  التـــاج وميســـو 20 ملــــم 

  Sortia 20Ml  $10
as well we do sell wholesale

Include shipping and handaling($12.50)


Mhalibiya and Sortiyah(Henna Oil)

$ 12.50 USD

محلبية  التاج وميسو 20 ملم 

 Mahlbia 20 20Ml  $10
as well we do sell wholesale

Include shipping and handaling($12.50)

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