We Promote Sudanese Culture in North America and we sell Traditional Sudanese Products

Our main products are Sudanese Traditional Perfumes.
The most famous one is called Khomra. We do sell other Sudanese traditional products too, though!
Our products include those from the local Sudanese Markets and from Foreign Markets as well  
    Different Perfumes and     Bakhours
All sell to support women an d girl education in Sudan through :
www. bweosudan.blogspot.com


Bakhour (Home and Body scents) Sandal And Shaf

Bint El Sudan (a non-alcohol-based perfume)

Introduced in 1920, Bint El Sudan became an amazing hit with its fame spreading East across Africa and West across the Arab Middle-East. In keeping with the prohibition enforced by some Muslims, Bint El Sudan was manufactured without alcohol. It's heavy aroma never found favour in Europe; but in the warmer climates, where stronger fragrances were favored, Bint El Sudan became a runaway best-seller.

 We have three types for sale:   The original one ... and we have two other types: a Green one (in Stock) and a Red one (special order) The Sudanese one ~ 25 ml to 50 ml

Bitelsudan  not an original oneBitalsudan Cream

Majoh Jarig

Sandalika (sandalwood oil)Cream Dokhan

Dehin Alsndal  (Sudanese Sandalwood Oil)

Henna (Natural Sudanese Henna)

Henna Oil (Mahlabia   and   Sortiyah)                                 To order, go to the previous page: "The Online Store"

Hibiscus Tea from Karkadi

لدينا الكركدي السوداني والعرديب والحرجل والمحريب وقريبا الجديم والقوتقليس

Our Perfumes Products 

لدينا مجموعة كبيرة من العطور العربية الزيتية والعادية والسودانية التقليدية 

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